Compare Selling Timeshares by Owner vs. a Licensed Timeshare Broker

There are many options out there to sell your timeshare. One of the more popular methods is to use a timeshare brokerage company, whose sales associates are timeshare REALTORS®. Other options include timeshare for sale by owner and advertising companies to name a few. So which one is the best way to sell timeshare? Below, we compare two popular methods, for sale by owner and licensed timeshare broker services. Discover the best way to sell a timeshare that suits your timeshare selling needs.

What is the Best Way to Sell a Timeshare?

Timeshare Selling Resources:

If you choose the for sale by owner route, you KNOW you have to advertise to get MAXIMUM EXPOSURE for your property to sell it. So, you place an ad in a major national newspaper. (USA Today minimum rate for 4 lines is $236.00 per day, which is $944.00 Mon.-Thurs!) Your advertising definitely needs to be "national" in scope. A timeshare realtor can get you the exposure you need to sell your timeshare.

Timeshare Resale Broker is a licensed timeshare broker, and all of our sales associates are REALTORS®. Our timeshare resale specialists advertise daily to a potential of 100's of millions of timeshare buyers! Also, our direct mail operation reaches over 100,000 potential Buyers that have an interest in timeshares each month! Our timeshare Realtors receive 1000s of inbound calls to our offices each month from people with an interest in timeshare broker services!

You wait at home hoping an interested Buyer will call you. We're open MONDAY-SATURDAY with Professional Realtors on the phones talking to Buyers, sellers and Renters of timeshare!
When the buyer calls, you have to SELL him on it, tell him how GREAT it is, how much FUN he can have & how much MONEY he'll be saving! Our timeshare realtors are experts in the timeshare resale industry. A timeshare broker is knowledgeable & experienced in timeshare resales--they know WHAT to say & HOW to say it to get your property sold!
(You'd love to turn this over to your local Realtors; but you find they're just not familiar with timeshares and aren’t much help!) So you try to locate a Title Company experienced in closing timeshares. We’re Timeshare Realtors who specialize in timeshare real estate and timeshare resales and we've dedicated ALL of our company's efforts to the timeshare resale industry since 1979.
You suddenly realize that Title companies experienced in closing timeshares are few & far between and..... now you begin to wonder what you've gotten yourself into!

We know & work with the most proven attorneys, title and escrow companies when selling timeshares.

You think, maybe you'd better call a lawyer to make sure that your interests are protected.... but...that's really taking money away from what you hoped to net. Our policy is that every Agent that offers Timeshare Broker Services is a licensed Realtor! And our fiduciary responsibility is to the SELLER!
Whew! And STILL, the title has to be transferred, the Deed has to be recorded, the funds have to be collected from the buyer! That’s why a Timeshare Broker is your best choice! We know & appreciate what it takes to sell timeshares. Our Professional Timeshare Realtors do it every day!

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